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101 Financial Truths

Truth 67 of 101

Don't build a portfolio without an investment policy statement.

Just as you would never take a long distance car trip without a map, you should never buy any investment without an Investment Policy Statement. This is a written document that states the goal of your portfolio, how much risk you will take, and what you will and won't do when markets become volatile and crash.

Find more Financial Truths and Lies in our book.

This book will reveal the real truths about investing, and allow you to use ageless wisdom and modern economics to grow and manage your wealth.

The Lies

As an investor, you may fall victim to the lies of the financial industry, including large investment institutions and financial media. Belief in and action taken based on these fallacies has caused thousands of investors to lose massive amounts of their investment money. The purpose of this book is to dispel those lies and give you the opportunity to be a successful investor.

The Truths

All you need is one formula so you can concentrate on how to better manage your money instead of being bombarded by minutiae and information overload. By reading the truths about investing and avoiding the lies, you can arm yourself against the hype and prepare for investment success.