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Life Insurance

Life insurance pays a specified sum to the beneficiaries upon the death of the insured. It is generally used to provide cash to your family in the event of your death, or it may be used to accomplish other personal, business, and estate objectives. These are one of many reasons why you want a life insurance policy.

Do you remember how the amount of life insurance you currently have was determined? Was it your agent who made the suggestion? Was it your lawyer? Were there any calculations done to arrive at this number? Once established, did anyone ever review the coverage amount with you? If so, what parameters were used to determine the amounts?

There are several types of life insurance policies. The most common types are permanent life insurance and term life insurance. Permanent life insurance provides a lifetime of protection and accrues cash value and thus offers a lifetime tax efficient savings component. Term life insurance provides protection only during a specified term and does not create a cash value. As a premier provider of life insurance, we can help you determine the amount and type of insurance that is best for you and your family. We will complete a comprehensive review of your current coverage and make recommendations based on the wants and needs of your family.

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