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Through a series of educational sessions, we teach our clients the truth about how money works. In the same way that the best athletes in the world train and perfect their skills, Raskin Global trains and advises people about the investment and financial planning strategies that they can apply to perfect the use of their financial resources.

It is an unfortunate reality that not everything you earn or own is yours to keep. In addition to current consumption, the amount at your disposal is drained significantly by interest payments and taxation. What remains is often further depleted by planned obsolescence, need for new technology, lifestyle enhancements and the unforeseen events of life. As a result, there is often not enough to begin building wealth in a systematic, effective way.

A strategy to address these challenges is to first identify your present financial position. The right way to maximize your wealth potential is to put in place a coordinated, properly designed financial plan…one that protects your assets and income first, fully and forever. This allows you to then use these assets and income to help create additional wealth.

Once you have your full protection program and a wealth creation plan in place, the next step is wealth conservation. We assist you in implementing a variety of strategies to help you enjoy a comfortable lifestyle now and throughout your lifetime. Finally, estate planning can help make sure your assets are passed along to your heirs or designees most efficiently.


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