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Susan Ottenritter

Susan Ottenritter

Director of Business Development

Susan Ottenritter joined Raskin Global in April 2005. Born and raised in Washington, D.C., she is the third of four children. As a resident of Baltimore for the past twenty years, Susan now lives in northern Baltimore County, with her fiancé and their three children. “Our home life is anything but calm, quiet or predictable, but there is a lot of laughter.”

Susan attended college at Mount Vernon College in Washington, D.C. and completed her schooling at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Her extremely creative side led her to ten years at Elefanten, USA, where she designed and sold high-end children’s footwear. Her excellent communication skills and ability to develop professional business relationships landed her the coveted position of Elefanten’s national sales representative to Nordstrom’s.

In 2001, Susan switched gears and went to work for Cole-Haan, a NIKE-owned company. Although her new job led her in a different direction, it did not take her far from Nordstrom’s where she headed up the East Coast men’s division for Cole-Haan with Nordstrom’s. Then, the stars aligned and Susan and her fiancé were introduced to Leonard Raskin and began working with him on the engineering of their own family’s finances.

Early on, it became clear to both Susan and Leonard that the combination of Susan’s ability to develop and support relationships with clients and the chance to help people directly and measurably right in her own backyard (that international and U.S. travel for her job was getting old!) would make Susan and Raskin Global a perfect fit for one another! Once at Raskin Global, Susan quickly demonstrated her ability to bring enthusiasm, empathy and energy to her work with our clients. She is a key part of the fabric of the firm – ensuring that all aspects of the planning that we do for clients stays on track, organized and executed efficiently. She quickly has become an indispensable part of the team!